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Sedu vs Solia - Which Is The Best Flat Iron?

by Robin OBrien

Sedu and Solia flat irons are two of the most popular brands. They share many similar features, incorporate the latest technology and are top rated flat irons loved by consumers the world over. But are there any differences? And which is the best flat iron: Sedu or Solia?

Before we compare the Solia flat iron with that of the Sedu flat iron, we'll first list off some of the main features shared by both. Sedu flat irons come with two different plate widths: 1-½ and 1 inch. Solia flat irons come with four different plate widths but its 1-¾ and 1-¼ inch models are its most popular and as these roughly match the plate sizes of the Sedu, so we'll compare these models against Sedu.

Both the Sedu and Solia flat iron come with tourmaline plates. If you're going to buy a flat iron you must buy a model with tourmaline plates. Basically, tourmaline gives off negative ions, which have been shown to lock in moisture into the hair follicle and help to straighten hair without excessive heat damage. Both Sedu and Solia are American-designed flat irons, though both are actually manufactured in the Far East. Both come with 1-year warranties. Both have quick heat-up times of less than 30 seconds.

Both the Sedu and Solia flat iron come with variable settings. However, the Solia just nudges ahead because its heat setting ranges from 140F - 450F, whereas the Sedu flat iron has a slightly narrow range: 240F - 410F.

When it comes to weight the Sedu wins out over the Solia flat iron. The Sedu 1" tourmaline flat iron is 0.5lbs whereas the Solia 1 ¼" tourmaline flat iron weighs in at 1.2lbs. Weight does make a difference because when straightening your hair the flat iron you use will start to feel heavier and heavier.

You may not be too interested in what the flat iron looks like, but f you are, the Solia tourmaline flat iron looks far more stylish that the Sedu. The Solia has a better, more contoured design, than does the Sedu.

The above are minor differences and neither Sedu nor Solia come out on top. However there are two further reasons why the Solia Ceramic Ion Flat iron comes out the clear winner: the Dynamic Alignment System used by Solia flat iron and its price.

The Dynamic Alignment System used in the Ion ceramic plates of a Solia flat iron is self-adjusting, which helps to provide perfect contact between hair and plate. This means that hot spots are avoided that can cause damage to hair. The Dynamic Alignment System also works as a pressure equalizer that helps avoid any specific pressure points during the straightening process, thereby allowing the Solia flat iron to work through the hair smoothly without pulling.

There's no avoiding the price differential between a Solia and Sedu flat iron. A Solia tourmaline flat iron is about three-quarters the cost of its comparable Sedu flat iron. Both the Sedu and Solia flat iron are quality products and are amongst the best flat irons you can buy. But quality flat irons aren't cheap and the consumer wants value for money, so the price difference between the two brands make the Solia Professional Ion Ceramic flat iron a clear winner.

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Sedu Hair style Tips

by Oliver Turner

If you are into fashion and want to stay abreast of the latest trends then you will no doubt have heard of sedu hairstyles. Sedu hairstyle tips and sedu hairstyles how to guides will provide you with all the information you need to create and achieve the best sedu hairstyles no matter what the length of your hair.

Our sedu hairstyle tips are for use with sedu hair straightening irons and will allow you to achieve the sedu hairstyles that are the fashion for this summer.

Tip 1: The first of our sedu hairstyle tips is to wash and dry your hair before you begin any styling. This is due to the fact that any excess oil or grease in your hair will hinder your results.

Tip 2: To avoid damaging your hair when creating any sedu hairstyles you need to ensure that your straightening iron is set to the correct temperature.

Tip 3: Before you begin styling it is always wise to refer to your sedu hairstyles how to guide. This will allow you to gather all the information you need before you begin.

Tip 4: To create your sedu hairstyles you will need to separate your hair into sections and begin styling from the bottom layer through to the top layer. This will ensure an even style and a style that will last much longer.

Tip 5: Remember when using your sedu hair straightening iron that you will only need to pass it over your hair sections once. This is due to the fact that these hair irons are much more advanced than older models and will style your hair in half the time.

Tip 6: To ensure long lasting style and to prevent burning your fingers it is important not to touch your hair after creating your sedu hairstyles. Make sure you allow your hair to cool properly before touching.

By following these sedu hairstyle tips you are guaranteed to get the best sedu hairstyles and prevent any damage to your hair.

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