Kamis, 19 Januari 2006

Basic Day & Night Make-up

Professional makeup artists Frankie Melendez and Cristian M. show how to apply basic makeup for day and night.

Day makeup
1. Apply a concealer to hide pimples, eye bags and dark spots. Use a darker shade of concealer on your cheeks and jaws to highlight the contour of your face. Put foundation.

2. To open up your eyes, use a light or neutral eye shadow. Choose an eyebrow pencil or powder with a color similar to that of your hair.

3. Apply a light blush-on (pink or any color lighter than your skin tone) on your cheeks to achieve a natural glow.

4.Use a shade of lip liner close to your lip color, then put on a light lipstick.

5. Use a dark mascara and then an eyelash curler to further define your eyes.

Night make up
1. Retouch your foundation. apply bronzer on your cheeks and jaws for contour.

2. Apply any darker shade of eye shadow ( lavander or berry) and use a black eye liner.

3. Dab your cheeks with heavier blush-on, then add a shimmer powder for more radiance.

4. Choose a darker shade of lipstick.

5. Use a black mascara

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