Selasa, 13 Februari 2007

Sedu hair style makes amazing transformations

Hair becomes up to 3 times flatter and sleeker than when using the traditional ceramic hair straighteners.

Faster heat-up time. Now you can get a desired temperature in less than a half of minuteNegative ion refreshes hair with smoothness leaving hair sleek and soft.

New Infra Red heat technology closes in hair's moisture and shine Sedu styles your hair with a hotter and much more stabilized heat controllable temperature. (240 °F - 410°F, 120°C - 200°C) for all types of hair.The Sedu special design provides easier handling.

Sedu flat iron is as easy to use on short hair as it is with long hair The sedu hair iron has long been used to straighten wavy hair. Now it gathers even more momentum as men and children become happy users.

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